TPU ear tags on a precisionMolding injection machine

The new precisionMolding by KraussMaffei produces TPU ear tags for livestock Farmers and livestock breeders around the world rely on Datamars’ Livestock Identification solutions. They not only improve animal welfare, but also ensure comprehensive traceability in the food chain. At the Nitra site in Slovakia, an all-electric precisionMolding injection molding machine has been producing TPU…

KM socialProduction

How MD ELEKTRONIK uses socialProduction

In the past, there were one or two coax cables in the car – for the radio. Now, due to e-mobility, sensor technology and assistance systems, there are up to 17. The cable specialist MD ELEKTRONIK knows how important digital data streams are and has had two new KraussMaffei machines equipped with socialProduction for production monitoring. The acceptance test was already carried out remotely.